Q: What is the difference between the Ambitious Elegance Collection and Madda&Co. Bags?

A: The Ambitious Elegance Collection pieces are all custom-designed, limited-edition bags personally designed by Maddalena and made in Italy. The Madda&Co. pieces are hand-selected, not custom-designed, items by Madda and the Madda&Co. team. 

Q: Where are the Madda&Co.handbags manufactured?

A: All the Madda&Co. and Ambitious Elegance Bags are made in Italy by different manufacturers located in few locations along the boot. Most of them are made in Florence.

Q: Where are the Madda&Co. and Ambitious Elegance bags available to purchase?

A: They are available online at the Madda&Co. Store (click here). Soon some of the bags will de distributed to some selected boutiques around the country.

Q: What type of payment are accepted?

A: All Credit cards and Paypal.

Q: Will you be re-stocking certain bags?

A: We will announce any re-stocks via Social Media and/or newsletter. Remember we keep small inventory, so you always have something new and exciting to discover. 

Q: Can I preorder a handbag and how?

A: Absolutely. If you see a bag that you love and it is not currently available online, please, contact us and we will insert your name in our preorder list. People who preorder get a discount on the regular price. So that is a great reason to inquire about any bag! Even better, we do not ask for money down to preorder. You will pay only when the handbag is ready to ship.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Not yet! But we are working on it…Stay Tuned! 

Q: Will the Ambitious Elegance Collection be available in different colors?

A: The truth is that it takes time to make our handbags, from designing to manufacturing. (Talk about vegetable tanning). The best way to stay informed about our process and plans is to subscribe to our newsletter. We will update customers on any changes and/or new arrivals. 

Q: How can I contact Madda or a member of the Madda&Co. team?

A: All inquiries related to the Ambitious Elegance Collection & Madda&Co., as well as personal questions for Madda, can be sent via Facebook and Instagram, and via email to info@maddaco.com and a member of the team or Madda will respond. Also, all the business inquiries may be submitted through the contact page at madda.co