What is The Ambitious Elegance Style About?

What is The Ambitious Elegance Style About?

I am about to reveal something that may surprise you. I do not really care much about fashion…I find it boring actually. Shocked? 

It is true. Fashion is not what inspires me or drives my designs in any way. What I find interesting and ultimately what I care about is Women! What motivates my designs is the person who is going to use my bags and how these bags can help any woman express her personality through her outfit while enabling her to serve her purpose in style. And that is what drives my creativity.  


So, when I started my business and it was time to come up with a name for my own label, I knew I didn’t want to use my name. Today there is a well-established business trend to name a company after the creator. We all understand the need to personify the business in order to make it more approachable; but I never wanted my brand and my bags to be about myself. 

Of course, my company and designs are 100% the result of my work and even more my personality, but there is so much more that comes to play when I think about designing and really everything else that I do. My main focus is ALWAYS you, the woman of today and your hectic lifestyle. That is why I needed a name that could reflect not just my values but my customers’ needs, as well. 

When I was brainstorming names, there was a word that kept coming to my mind, AMBITION.  This word has been a constant in my life…and it is not about money at all. For me, ambition is that restless sense of purpose that becomes even louder when I try to avoid it. So, I know this word had to appear somewhere in my brand. 

Then, I wanted a word that could describe an aspirational style and reflect the very essence of femininity. So, ELEGANCE was the word! Elegance is about simplicity but for me it also represents a strong sense of personal style that transcends futile trends and is based on the confidence of knowing yourself. 


Because of this non-fashionable mind set, I made a conscious decision not to design seasonally but to offer timeless pieces that can withstand trends and seasons. When I design I don’t want to forget meaningful aspects of the business and your life. I design only if I have something new to say, some value to add. My bags have to always reflect this purpose: To help you feel empowered, confident and of course, elegant! But they are not fancy, their design is minimalistic but curated; and they are made to be used, not shown. It's all about being real and genuine. Authenticity is what I respect. My bags are not different. They are not pretentious; but they are useful, for sure. 

So, fashion can be fun, I know; but it can’t be a sport! Fashion above all is just another business of selling you things. The fashion industry is often guilty of forgetting the real woman, not just by portraying an unhealthy body image, but also by making quality inaccessible. Yes, we have more choices than ever before, but our clothes and accessories got cheaper because they are disposable and often made at the sacrifice of poor labor conditions. As I like to say, the ready-to-wear has sadly become the ready-to trash for the regular woman. 

So, now you know that Ambitious Elegance is above all an attitude, a way to live your life on your own terms by not simply following trends. With this mentality, shopping won’t be a simple leisure activity, but a search for your own style. By getting only pieces that make you feel great, you will invest not just in your look, but your overall persona. Love what you wear and you will set up your style for success!

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