The Bag(s) You Have Been Waiting for...

The Bag(s) You Have Been Waiting for...

As women, we all know what it’s like to lug around all of our necessities in either an oversized bag that feels more like a suitcase with a shoulder strap or to carry around multiple bags. We understand the nerve-wracking sensation to frantically search for that one item that has seemingly vanished inside the unorganized, bottomless pit of a handbag we tend to settle for. The Ambitious Elegance combo bag – tote and clutch is a truly two-for-one bag that has finally resolved this dilemma! 

This bag is a dream come true for the modern businesswoman as it embodies versatility and convenience as well as luxury and quality. It will take you from day to night, business to brunch and conferences to cocktails. It’s a combination of a tote and a clutch with the option of carrying both together as one or individually. 

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AE Tote

…serves your purpose in style!

The tote is made to carry your business items such as your laptop and files while the clutch holds your personal items. Running out for a quick lunch? Grab your clutch and leave the tote behind. That’s the beauty of this bag. The tote is unbelievably convenient, especially when it comes to traveling. The sleeve in the back will slide perfectly onto your carryon luggage. It also includes a pocket in the front that is ideal for your phone.

The uniqueness of the clutch is that it can be worn three different ways. It comes with a strap to wear as a cross body, however, you can also fold it and wear under the arm or carry it by hand.

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AE Clutch,

More than a clutch…a crossbody & handbag.

This sleek and sophisticated bag is made from real Italian leather, designed right outside Philadelphia but manufactured in Italy. You’ll have seven different colors to choose from while having the option to mix and match the two bags or have them be the same color. Whichever your preference, you can be assured that all of the colors available were selected to compliment any wardrobe.

The Ambitious Elegance bags are truly essential pieces in the modern woman’s wardrobe. They are timeless bags that will stand the test of time while also outlasting any trend.

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AE Combo

so you can travel in an organized fashion!

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Inventory Update

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