About Us

Welcome to Madda&Co, a brand that stands for fashion that promotes far more than style, a purpose. We want to contribute to a (r)evolution that has already started…the one that will finally bring quality back into the closet of regular women.

Our handbags are designed to be products of functional fashion; and we stand for luxury that means quality. Our goal is to provide Italian quality handbags carefully designed and made in Italy. We want to give a woman the confidence in her ability to achieve her goals in style. That is why we provide products that are timeless, trustworthy, Italian-quality investments for the modern woman, from the soccer field to the boardroom: Ambitious handbags for the ambitious woman, made to last.



We are a team of ambitious women. We are designers, bloggers, mothers, students, merchandisers. We work together to help each other succeed as a fashion company looking to give the mothers, young professionals, fashion lovers, and the all around multi-tasking ambitious woman a product she can trust.


A bag is just a bag until you take it somewhere…

Madda, Designer & Founder

A Brief History

As women, we all know what it’s like to lug around all of our necessities in either an oversized bag that feels more like a suitcase with a shoulder strap or to carry around multiple bags. We understand the nerve-wracking sensation to frantically search for that one item that has seemingly vanished inside the unorganized, bottomless pit of a handbag we tend to settle for.

Maddalena Palermo, founder of Madda&Co. was one of these women and realized that there has to be a solution to this dilemma. From the time she was a student in Milan, also working as a personal shopper, she too struggled with having to carry around multiple handbags throughout the day and into the night. Her inspiration derived from her frustration regarding this matter and she started to investigate bags that could possibly solve for this. She then took matters into her own hands and designed the Ambitious Elegance combo bag – tote and clutch.


“The bags are stylish, timeless, functional and great for organization.”

Rose Sutkowski, Blog Editor

Rose Sutkowski is the new blog editor for Ambitious Elegance. She is excited to work with Madda on the development of website content because it’s a brand she trusts and the bags fit her busy lifestyle. Rose has been a customer for more than a year, purchased different bags from the collection and believes in the value and quality of the brand.

Originally from Broomall PA, Rose resides in Haverford Township with her son and husband. She is a working mom who juggles her daily responsibilities. She’s usually on the go from morning to night and balances spending time with family and working full time in Philadelphia. In her current role at a health insurance company, Rose works with a creative team to deliver marketing materials and highly regulated documents.

As a communications and marketing professional, she develops digital and direct mail content for a variety of audiences. She also works closely with the sales team to strengthen broker relationships and generate new revenue opportunities. Her most recent projects involved writing copy and working with a designer to enhance existing web pages and create new ones. Prior to entering the insurance industry, Rose obtained a series 6 and 63 securities license and was employed at the Vanguard Group in Malvern, PA. During her tenure in Participant Education, she worked with a creative team to implement 401(K) education programs based on client needs.

She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from West Chester University and a Master of Science degree from St. Joseph’s University (SJU). While at SJU, she was inducted into Alpha Epsilon Lambda, a graduate honor society, for her academic achievements. Last month Rose was the recipient of the All Star Award from Constellation District for her work as a volunteer publicity chair. Rose publicized the activities of Scout troops to the communities. She has been a blogger for The Scouting Life and received placements for several articles within the newspaper.

Rose visited Italy in 2006 and gained an appreciation for both her Italian ancestry and leather goods. Visiting three cities in ten days gave her the opportunity to experience the history, culture and fashion of Florence, Rome and Venice. In the future, she hopes to visit Abruzzo and Sicily to explore the ancestry of her father who passed away in March 2019. In her free time, Rose enjoys traveling, reading, shopping, spending time with her family and friends and attending soccer games.